Karl-Ludwig Graf von Baudissin

Karl-Ludwig Graf von Baudissin

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Graf von Baudissin specialises in the area of water rights and the law of water boards. He specifically deals with aspects concerning the maintenance and extension of waters as well as costs and property fees in connection with these aspects. His long lasting active participation in board assemblies, board committees and advisory bodies of public-law water and land boards has resulted in a treasure trove of experience that enables him to enforce and protect his clients' rights in administrative courts and higher administrative courts in the area of North and East Germany. In many cases his counselling out of court already results in a recovery of water board fees or other fees for his clients.

Based on his long lasting practice as honorary chairman of a forest enterprise that is active in several federal states, another focus of his legal practice is the area of forest law and environmental law where Graf von Baudissin mostly represents agricultural and forest enterprises in and out of court.


  • Studium Universität Kiel
  • Referendariat beim OLG Hamburg
  • 10-jährige Tätigkeit für eine Großbank mit Schwerpunkt im Kreditbereich